Where is the Best Laksa in Brisbane?

Far be it from us to brag but here at Sing’s Asian Kitchen we truly believe we have Brisbane’s best laksa! Our authentic laksa dishes use only the finest, freshest ingredients, and our lovingly prepared by chefs who have been cooking this iconic South-East Asian recipe their entire lives.

Laksa is a spicy noodle soup that originated from a tasty combination of Chinese and Malaysian cuisines. There are many variations of this hugely popular dish around the world and many regions and indeed even countries claim it as their own. These days you’ll find an enticing array of laksas in countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, China and Indonesia.

The common thread running through the myriad of laksa variants around the world is a coconut-based broth over noodles. Often laksa includes bean curd puffs, sambal chilli paste and Vietnamese coriander which is also know as laksa leaf.

Other common ingredients in alternative laksas include; dried prawns, beansprouts, tamarind, palm sugar, garlic, lime, fried tofu, galangal, omelette strips, and salt.

At Sing’s Asian Kitchen we have an original variation created by owner and head chef Sing Lu. Our Chinese influenced laksa variant uses rice hokkien noodles, seasonal vegetables and a creamy coconut chilli broth. Enjoy the tasty Sing’s laksa with tofu, chicken, beef, king prawns, seafood or a combination of proteins.